24.75" scale length
12 fret neck
guitar body : 19.4"L / 15"W / 3.9"D
45 mm neck width at nut
guitar strings: light gauge


The history of the hollow-arm harp guitar begins in the late 1800's when Knutsen applied for his patent. The Larsen Bros. of Chicago worked in conjuction with him in designing and building this style of harp guitar for the Dyer company.

The five sub-bass strings resonate freely when the 6 main strings are played and can be plucked in arrangement and retuned to compliment certain keys. The six-stringer boasts a seriously large and open tone without sounding boomy. Kind of like a guitar that has been played in for years. Please check out the soundfile below to really hear how this machine performs.

Interesting features to note:

  • Trad fretwire saddle for harp strings produces a piano-like tone and sustain, enabling very free response.
  • Though the total size may be large, this Hg is not uncomfortable to play due to narrow 15" lower bout. Nice weight balance all together.
  • Schaller Banjo tuners for harp head.
  • Bound harp headstock
  • Waverley guitar tuning heads
  • Vintage styled 'rope' purfling

The soundboard is sitka spruce. This is the strongest of the available and appropriate topwoods. Considering the weight of the entire instrument I am offering the lighter hardwoods for the back and sides choices : Mahogany, and Koa. Others may be used by approval of the customer. The pictured model is sitka and Koa. I choose very dense, air-dried spruce for the top to handle the incresed tension from the sub-bass strings. For starters, those 5 strings are tuned (from low to high) A,B,C,C#,D. With the next highest string being the low E on the six-stringer guitar neck.

This Nyberg Harp Guitar incorporates a mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard and bridge, and bone nut and saddle. Harpo inlays optional.

Check the Design Ethics Page for details on construction, design, and options such as pick-ups.


Starting at $6600 US ($8000 CAD) honduran mahogany body, choice of top, and ebony binding. Hardshell case included.

Top Options Body Options Binding Options
sitka spruce honduran mahogany ebony
port orford cedar flamed koa  

Click here to contact me for specific pricing based upon your desired options.


Harp Guitar: A, B, C, C#, D, with standard guitar tuning

 download MP3 | 6.4MB

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