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  • Flat-top Bouzouki video. Sapele body with SItka Spruce top!

  • New Flat-top Bouzouki demo on the YouTube channel. Check it out
  • Seamus Egan Project at Celtic Connections in Scotland. With Owen Marshall playing his custom super-long scale Nyberg bouzouki.

  • New Cittern demo vid on youtube channel.

  • New fantastic album by guitar visionary, Marc Atkinson, featuring a maccaferri-style guitar I built for him. Follow this link to his page and to listen and buy a copy.
  • As of January 2019

  • all instruments now include:
  • Laminated maple necks with carbon fibre-reinforcement
  • Gold evo fretwire
  • June 2017

  • Mini-Cittern is Complete. Will have pics and info up soon.
    march 2017: Have strung up the 16" scale Mini 'in the rough' .That is, it has no binding,frets and neck is uncarved and just bolted on, tailpiece is unpolished. I did this to check out how the top is doing with the tension and to hear the basic tone in open position before putting in the time to complete it. If I have to I'd rip the top off and put a different one on. But, I am actually impressed. Firstly, the top is doing well enough with the down-pressure (as seen in the photo). I have used a different bracing layout than usual and there isn't much more flattening than my regular bracing. The tone is good. Has more sustain than I imagined it would and it is loud( though this observation is prior to finishing-so it will probably brighten up). The deeper body livens up the bottom end and gives a bit of that choro tone. I stitched two sets of tuning heads together for the 10 stringer, barely noticeable. I have managed to string it up in CGDAE with the high E being a .009. I thought I would have to go to an 8. The body width is 12" and top is sitka ; back is maple. I will leave it strung up in the white for a couple weeks and observe. But the initial result is great.

  • January 2016 : Now accepting credit card payments. See the ordering page for more info.


  • Just opened a Sound Cloud account and have added all of the sound samples of the many instruments I have made, which showcases how different wood combinations affect overall tone and volume for a model. Just look under 'Playlists' to see the different categories. Click here to hear....

  • This is a new model I have introduced recently, which has a smaller body than the usual bouzouki I have been building. Normally they are 15.5" wide but I have used a 14 3/4" w body with proportionately reduced body length. The depth is the same. This link will take you to the facebook page which illustrates a version with a Port Orford Cedar flat-top and black walnut body. I love the sound from it-punchier!, and has a sweet percussive edge to the tone as well plus lots of volume. This instrument has gotoh 510 tuners, which are now stock for all of my larger mando family instruments.
    Will soon have a sound sample up on the soundcloud profile and of course a dedicated page on this website.
  • Flamed redwood bouzouki (real pretty)

  • View this model on my facebook page here.Flat-top bouzouki, unison strung. Salvaged Flamed redwood top and black walnut body with sapwood strip down center of back. Indian rosewood binding. Headway pickup installed. 
    This bouzouki has an amazing tone: deep,ringing richness and powerful projection.
    You can hear it here on my SoundCloud playlist

  • All longer-scaled mandolin family instruments are now upgraded and fitted with stock Gotoh 510 tuners unless specified.
  • Double 0

  • 00-style guitar with cocobolo and western red cedar, recently built for a lover of small-body Martins. Details and photos are here.



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