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Design Features

Tonewoods : Soundboards

 Primary topwoods used are sitka and Engelmann Spruce, red cedar, red spruce, and redwood. Included in an order is one of the first three - for the other two there is a small upcharge.

 Each have some quality that endears them. I encourage those who are unfamiliar with the tone of these to peruse the soundcloud files.


Laminated and carbon fibre reinforced neck. Choice of Walnut, Mahogany or Maple with thin black purfle in the center. All necks are supported by a two-way truss-rod, accessible through soundhole (except for mandolins). Adjustment key included. 
Default finish is gloss lacquer, but an oil-finish is also available.

DSC_0024 (2).JPG

Tonewoods : Body Woods

Tonewood options included in the base price of any instrument are Sapele, Walnut or Mahogany.

 There are many other woods that have been used such as katalox, indian rosewood, oregon mytle, flamed maple, tasmanian blackwood, etc...Please enquire.


Choose between a 'thistle' or 'Tapered' headstock profile. Stock tuning machines are Gotoh chrome 510 minis. Rubner tuners are extra cost.

20211214_122044 (Phone).jpg


tapered head 4 course (Phone).JPG


510s (Phone).JPG


510 minis

rubners (Phone).jpg



Stock Features

 Here are some of the details used in the construction of each instrument. Take a look at the gallery below for visuals .

  • ebony fretboard, headplate and bridge

  • full-contact slotted bridge 

  • bone saddle and adjustable shim

  • 20" radius fretboard, 4 course instruments

  • 16" radius fretboard, 5 course

  • gold evo fretwire

  • hardwood bindings, incl fretboard

  • Signature tailpiece cast in rose bronze, ball-end strings

  • enforced-dome top and back plates for flat-tops.

  • Signature rosewood and maple tiled rosette or abalone option

  • ebony strap buttons

  • water-borne lacquer finish on body

  • water-borne or oil finish on neck

  • mother-of-pearl logo inlay and fret markers

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