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Perfect for those who don't want a longer neck than an octave mandolin but need the versatility of the added 5th bass course. The same body as the OM is used and with the familiar 14 fret neck.

 Tuned as DGDAE or similar, it can also be strung to accommodate a tuning a 5th higher such as GDADA.


Available as flat-top or carved-top

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Base price from $3900.00 USD including case

$5100 for carved-top


mid-scale cittern gallery


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22.5" Scale length or to suit

14 3/4" body width / 375mm

3 3/8" body depth / 86mm

1 3/4" nut width / 44mm

14 fret neck

strings : .014,.022,.032,.048,.060

tuning : DGDAE, DGDAD,...

unison or octave stringing

mid-scale citterns

mid-scale citterns

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