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With the shorter scale of 20", this cittern lies about halfway between a bouzouki and mandolin. The advantage here is closer fret increments which allow for faster picking and less finger stretch, and the low 5th course acts as a drone or for partial chord fingering.

 The scale is long enough to facilitate ringing out some rhythm chords without sounding tinny and the deep body design warms up the treble range.

Available as flat-top or carved-top

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demo vids.

Base price from $3650.00 USD including case

$4900 for carved-top




  • 20" Scale length

  • 14" body width / 355mm

  • 3 3/8" body depth / 86mm

  • 1 11/16" nut width / 44mm

  • 14 fret neck

  • tuning : GDADA, GDGDG,...

  • strings : .010,.016,.025,.035,.050

  • unison or octave stringing

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Nyberg Short-scale Cittern Demo, 20"

Nyberg Short-scale Cittern Demo, 20"

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