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Irish Bouzoukis

If you are looking for a guitar-forward bouzouki sound, this is it. Displaying the sustain and presence of a flat-top acoustic with the twang of an Irish bouzouki.

 Available in a parlour size 13" wide body or mini-jumbo

16" width.

Scroll down to hear soundcloud files and watch a video demo.

Parlour : Base price from $4500.00 USD including case.

Mini-Jumbo : Base price from $4300.00 

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bouzouki guitar



Scale Lengths

Mini-Jumbo : 25 1/4" or 24" 
Parlour : 24"

14 fret neck

4 1/8" body depth

1 7/16" nut width / 36mm

tuning : GDAD, GDAE, ADAD

unison or octave stringing

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